Starting Your Own Lawn and Gardening Business And Marketing Your Lawn Care and Gardening Services

The biggest mistake contractors make when marketing their business is they try to “re-invent the wheel”!

Contractors need to appreciate that as they are in business their first responsibility is to promote and sell their services. However, their initial training in the industry may have only taught them the skills to care for lawn and gardens. Marketing, sadly, is not a skill that is easily learned, taught or acquired by people in the Lawn and Gardening Industry.

Having said all that: Marketing techniques and tactics used in the Industry are pretty similar and nothing out of the ordinary. The less experienced operators in the Industry can rely on the following list of marketing tools to help them acquire new customers quickly and inexpensively:

  1. Word of mouth referrals by friends, family and work place colleagues – new start up contractors should email every one on their list of contacts, send letters to others and so on
  2. Get a very basic Business Card designed and printed – 1,000 to start handing out every where you meet people
  3. Letterheads, flyers can be produced inexpensively using your own computer and printer
  4. Website – only if you can do for little cost – it is not a priority to start immediately
  5. Motor Vehicle signage – once again just go with very basic design for a pair of magnetic signs
  6. Flyers – need to be designed with classic hook, content and call to action – once again these can be produced by yourself – A5 size, and 500 at a time will give you a quick start to marketing your services