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Here’s A Shortcut For Turning Your Skills Into a Business

As you think about the great number of work-at-home opportunities, you could be overlooking one vital factor – you have skills that you can flip into a career. Although it is simple and generally tempting to sign up with an organization or to start selling a product, there are various skills that each of us bring to the table that can make it easy for us to create our own successful at-home enterprises. Before you settle on a work-at-home job, carefully examine your skill set and determine if you’ll build a solid at-home work opportunity out of your skills. Though there’s no harm in joining an already successful company, several people are more interested in beginning their own businesses. If you’re that kind of person, take into account your skills first therefore you choose the correct at-home business for you.


Have you ever worked as a cashier? What skills did that require? If you had to reconcile your money drawer, you have some expertise with bookkeeping. You also probably have some client service skills. Many individuals do business from home as bookkeepers or as assistants to accountants.

Workplace skills

If you have ever worked in a workplace, you might have a long list of helpful qualities that might facilitate in an at-home job. These include phone skills, client service skills, software expertise and perhaps even some promoting or public relations skills. Office skills and experience (and any coaching you might additionally have) can be used in a variety of ways with at-home jobs. Several individuals work from home as virtual assistants, for instance, which need customer service skills, software expertise and basic office training. Different people with workplace skills can do business from home for a local business. To save cash, local businesses are more probably likely these days to hire individuals to work from home to handle calls, mail and basic clerical duties.

Technical skills

Those who have worked in graphic design and website design are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the work-at-home job market. That is, you’ll be able to easily flip your graphic design and web site design skills into an at-home business. Your services will probably cost another business less than using an in-house designer and if you provide the identical – or better – quality, you’ll be able to create a niche for yourself that others might not be in a position to easily fill. Alternative technical skills that might be helpful for at-home businesses embrace PC repair, specific software application coaching and different skills that you may have learned in a previous job, in school, or that you took specific classes for.


Many individuals have had success turning their entertainment skills into an at-home business. Your ability to put on a party can be become a business that puts on party birthdays and special events. Or you may start a catering business from home. Or you may become a personal chef. Some individuals start successful home businesses that are borne out of their theater or singing expertise.

The key to turning your skills and expertise into a successful home business is to be honest regarding your skills. Recognize what you can do and what you’re weak at. Perhaps you recognize that you can run a lucrative internet design business, however you can’t handle cash. Maybe you’ll be able to hire individuals to do your bookkeeping for you. In that way you help yourself and another people at the same time. Build a list of the talents you have and people you might like to have assist you from that list, create some ideas for your at-home business. You might be shocked how much you bring to the at-home business table.

Best Small Business To Start At

What do you love doing during your leisure time? Which are your hobbies? Did you know that you can turn those hobbies into a business idea? There is nothing nicer than venturing into a business which is related to something that you love and you have passion for. It does not matter what your hobbies are. All you need is a good financial plan, hard work and patience.

According to Rachna D. Jain, the founder of business coaching firm “Excel with Ease Coaching” in Columbia, most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who have a passion for the work they do. Off course starting a business of your own has its own benefits. For instance, you are the ultimate authority in the business meaning you drive all business processes including marketing, pricing and production. You are also in a position to take financial risks hence turning every day’s challenges into new opportunities.

Listed below is a list of business ideas which can be related to your hobby and which you can start a business with.

1. Consultant. Consulting services have a wide range depending on what your passion is. If you have a passion for beauty and cosmetics, hair styling you can make a good beauty consultant. If you love travelling you know of the best places to travel for holidays, honeymoons and many other events making you a travel consultant.

2. Electronics repair. Some people have a passion for learning how machines and alliances work. This makes them conversant with most machines like televisions, computers and many others. You can turn such a passion into a business by repairing machines.

3. Pet breeder. Many people are fond of being around domestic animals like dogs, cats or horses. They know how to feed and train them making that a good business start up.

4. Planning events. If you love having fun, you know what it takes to make an engaging event like a wedding or a birthday party.

5. Coaching. Football or golf fanatics can make good coaches of such games.

6. Home inspection. Most women love furnishing their homes with the latest items in the market hence they know of every new house item in the market. Real estate owners can grant you contracts of inspecting their homes.

7. Interior design. If painting and drawing are your hobbies you already have a good start. Make good drawings and market yourself on the social media outlets like You tube.

8. Jewellery making. You only need your hands to make nice and attractive jewels and you earn yourself a living.

9. Marketing. Some people are good at their word of mouth making them good influencers and brand advocates.

10. Music lessons. Playing guitar, keyboard and singing are some people’s hobbies. You can train people on such music related lessons and make a good business.

Remember, turning your hobby into a business requires some research. Beware of the principles of business before venturing into one. Once you turn your hobby into business be cautious! You are no longer doing the hobby for enjoyment but to earn a living. Make it a habit of learning new things about your hobby-turned-business to avoid burn outs.

3 Reasons Why Business Credit Is For You

Whether you’re an enterprising entrepreneur or a resourceful investor, funding for your business or investment needs can be elusive.

There is no shortage of methods that can be used for business funding:

  • personal savings
  • retirement savings
  • personal credit cards
  • lines of credit on personal assets
  • private money or partners
  • business/personal loans

However, these methods may be limited in amount and/or require demanding qualifications. Even worse, some methods require use of YOUR money.

Personal capital should be the last resort of any entrepreneur or investor.

Here’s a smarter option: business credit w/ a personal guarantee. This is the route of least resistance.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Business Credit w/ a Personal Guarantee:

1. Minimum Qualifications

  • Qualifying w/ a personal guarantee is straight-forward. There are only 2 requirements: good personal credit and healthy projected income. Lenders want to know how well an applicant has managed their personal funds, and if the applicant is able to project substantial earnings from their business’s products or services.

2. Quick Transfer of Funds

  • Business credit refers to the securing of credit cards under your business entity. Typically, funding w/ a personal guarantee is swift and seamless. There are no long waits or strenuous application processes. Do you recall how quickly lending decisions came back after you applied for personal credit cards? Business credit decisions work the same. Some decisions are instant while others take a little over a week.

3. NO attachment to your personal credit file

  • As a business owner/investor it’s best practice to keep your personal credit clean. A clean credit profile characterizes you as an attractive business partner and ideal lending candidate. The benefits of great credit are endless; fortunately, business credit allows you to maintain great personal credit while still granting you access to the capital you need. Although, you are personally guaranteeing funds, business credit does not appear on your personal credit file unless you default. Making the minimum payments required is non-negotiable.

Requirements for business credit w/ a personal guarantee are minimal; however, simply applying does not guarantee maximum funding. I suggest consulting an expert or a professional service. They should be able to assist you with qualifying for and securing maximum funding.

Always evaluate the potential expenses that accompany your selected funding option prior to making decisions.

Raising capital doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming.

Don’t allow burdensome lending to slow you down.